Founded in May of 2017, Washington State Service Dog Association (WSSDA) was created as a Washington State exclusive website for handlers with service dogs and/or service dogs in training. Our goal is to educate handlers, discuss training standards and tips, provide insight to the daily lives of SD/SDiT & handler teams, and serve as an educational resource for laws and standards regarding service animals. We are also here to help provide resources for businesses and their employees on service dog laws and how to appropriately handle any given situation where an animal may enter a business. 

We strive to stay as up-to-date on current laws and regulations as possible. However, if there is a question or concern regarding the status of a law or regulation, please contact us and double check with the cited source of the content.

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DISCLAIMER: Information contained on this website in regards to the United States of America’s state and/or federal laws, including any other country’s laws regarding service animals are interpreted and summarized by the writers of Washington State Service Dog Association and do not represent legal advice. We typically provide screenshots and/or links to copies of all laws referenced; however the lists or links of laws can not be guaranteed to be complete nor current. If you are seeking legal advice for a subject matter, please consult an attorney.